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The 12 Days Of Nickmas


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'The 12 Days Of Nickmas'

On the 12th day of nickmas from the Nicktoons on TV...
Spongebob: 12 bubbles blowing [Laughter]
Jimmy: 11 clones attacking
Debbie: 10000 places I'd rather be right now..ugh
Hoodsie and Carl: 9 reindeer droppings [snicker]
Cosmo & Wanda: 8 oddball wishes [look out Vicky!]
Vicky: 7000 pounds...
Squidward: 6 jammin' jellies
Courtney: 5 incredibly expensive golden rings
Rocket power group: 4 dudes a-shredding
Arnold, Helga, Gerald: 3 cans of hairspray [cough cough cough]
Cosmo: 2 turtles love [aww]
All: And a starfish on a Pine tree [Patrick: ooh...pointy]

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