Kool Keith

'Sex Style' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Sex Style.


\"Now the first drop of juice is there for her to see

Honey that's when she backs off and just lick her teeth...\"

[Chorus: ]

(Sex style!) Niggas want it free

They dogs drink my piss (Girls pay a fee)

You want freestlye that's right the style is free

Niggas suck my dick and they girls drink my pee

I'm on some S&M shit you can't get with

Pull your panties down on stage and watch you sweat quick

Suckers back to pull their style's transsexual

Lesbians dance with the funky heterosexual

You on the mic, and when you rhyme I start to jerk off

Let my dog lick you German Shepard want to bust off

I tell your legs and swat em, MC's having anal sex

Step around like a Tampax, and step up next

I enter New York, no problem with my dick out

California porno star, my ass you can lick out

Saying \"What?\" with sperm dripping down your partner's butt

I see MC's in my face with their ass up

Let me put my cape on, my rubber and my mask up

Not no horror-core shit, this is porno-core

I'm in the club naked man, I'm the fucking pro

Niggas can't wax no ass, girls should let them know

[Chorus x3 ]

Back I wreck shit, so what nigga? I masturbate

See your girls' cocked back, her legs tied like a figure eight

I'm on stage getting sucked by Madonna

Sticking piped in your ass until you stop the freesyle drama

I pioneered this shit, you keep sucking dick

Your girl's in the crowd, hawking me for a naked flick

I got my silk underwear for the atmosphere

Piss in your face and urinate all in your hair

You name a group that's shit, I will pooper-scoop

Fuck with this, miss, I will damage on the premesis

Niggas step back with Dax grease, watch their ass twist

I rhyme any nigga, golden showers up in Greek Alley

Movie star bitches, MC's lining up in Cali

Drinking vodka, Absolut, sipping Tanqueray

Mc's jump off, I stung your rectum like a stingray

Girls heinie-wipe, MC's say my style is hype

Pussies relax, I'd rather fuck them with a cordless mic

Could rob a horse, pull your panties off and pay the cost

[Chorus x2

\"May they beat his bowels with a ten-pound hammer til his asshole

whistles the Star-Spangled Banner.\"

Now the nurse is here, Dr. Butcher to your anus

I don't care who your are, and if you think you're famous

You could be waxed, seventy-five fucking rap groups

Bisexuals on stage eating fruit loops

Sugar smacks, I got the rhythm for your ass cracks

Bring your girl, she fantasize in my sex world

[Chorus x3]