Drawn Together

Letra de la canción

Black Chick's Tongue"

Clara: What is this thing in my mouth?
It's slippery and its slimy,
Travelling down my slender virgin pink esophagus.
Some black chick's tongue,
It's such a new sensation.
Foxxy: I got a mayonnaise momma on my licking hole and we've only just begun.
Clara: It's really quite thrilling.
Foxxy: That's right now, you know.
Clara: I think I taste a filling.
Foxxy: And it's solid gold.
Clara: Never dreamed I'd be so willing to let myself go.
Foxxy: Tell me about it, I'm totally frenchin' a racist ho!
Clara: This black chick's tongue. What a wonderful feeling.
Foxxy: Damn, where'd dis bitch get her earrings?
Clara: I've never had so much fun.
Clara & Foxxy: As with this black chick's tongue.
Captain Hero: How cool is this? We've only been here a day and I already find myself in a three way... This IS NICE!

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#11)

Drawn Together
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