A Martinez

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Well I grew up in times of plenty
Big dreams were burnin' bright
All God's children had a purchase on the light
And I received the preparation to prosper as I might
A life empowered - I believed it was my right

But there were signs among the dancers
Voices barely heard
One young woman singin' power's but a word
She said:
"For everyone who made a difference
My sweet brother rest assured
Wishing was the illness labor cured

You gotta work for a better day
It don't come easy
You gotta lower your shoulder to the boulder
And roll it away
You can't be givin' it the runaround
Waitin' on courage to come
If you would ever be a man
Gotta get it done while you can"

I got so down when I was twenty
Got down with all my might
All God's children got a demon they must fight
But you, the beauty that he sent me
To lift me in the night
You saved me baby
Saved me long and saved me tight

I'm gonna show you a better day
You got it comin'
I see you workin' at coverin' the distance
From here to over there
You're never givin' it the runaround
Everyone knows where you stand
If I would truly be your man
Gotta get it done while I can
I won't be givin' it the runaround
King of a circle of one
This is my time to be a man
Open up my life like I can

I won't be givin' it the runaround
Darlin' my runnin' is done
This is my time to be a man
Baby let's be makin' a plan
Better Day

We'll be workin'
We'll be workin' workin' workin'
We'll be workin' baby
Workin' for a better day

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A Martinez
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