Mad TV

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Guess whos back
back again
Frasier's back, tell a friend

Frasiers back (x8)

Wow wow wow

To beat that dead horse
and no one can force me
to watch Frasier no more
or that Bufffy or Dawsons Creek
You're losing blood Buffy
your going bald Jim Van Der Beek
And believe me its true that
I can't get no stiffy with these
chicks on Friends, they're all pushing 50
And I wanna pull a rock on
the dock at the hospital
when I don't know any shlocks
who are operating,
except Noah Wyle and he's nauseating
Hey, it's not too early to be
already hating the King Of Queens
and his fat ass is only doscilating

This seems like a joke to me
that this soap craps still on the screen
can't we get something better to see
instead of this **** thats on TV

Hey Drew Carey, I think its scarry
that you still got a show that
bled nine thousand years ago,
but Drew he's just floatin your back
and the fact that ABC is still kissin your ass,
and what a huge disaster and catastrophe
for use to see Becker's face on any TV
Just shoot me, Never should have got laid
6 years ago, the only good one is David Spade
Touched by an Angel, You're old and you're smelly,
go fly away and take Valerie Burtanelli.
Sean, you need a shot in the arm
you're draggin, put on a bra
you're boobs are saggin.
Ed should be dead, but can't see your tube
Judging Amy, The Practice, The View, 7th Heaven
you should go straight to hell,
so take a long jag and Big Brother as Well
Jim Belushi, plus a teenage witch
and **** that crosing Jordan *****!


Na na na na na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na na na na

This seems like a joke to me
that this soap craps still on the screen
There's just one thing I wanna see
and thats this show called Mad TV.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#10)

Mad TV
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