Disco 'Wild in the Streets' (1982) al que pertenece la canción 'Meet The Press'

Meet The Press

Circle Jerks


caught you in the camera
that's my tool
saw you take the money
you've been fooled

not a merchant-
not a disguise-
jurry will believe it-
when he testifies-
meet the press
all the papers want to know
why you ever stooped so low
as to take the phony bribe
from the feds

thank the rice dealer
dinners at le 'parcq
you're still good and greedy
but the bills were marked

forget about the entrapment
no defense
gonna leave office
when we commence

save the tears
how you've served and
been sincere
how you thought it was
a mirror
the high cost of campaigning
each two years

meet the press
sunday morning
"face the nation",
you've been HAD!

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