Gusana Ciega

Letra de la canción

I wait in my bedroom,
for everyone to fall asleep.
I make for the door,
I take my chances with the geek.
Outside it is raining,
freedom static from the trees.
Im feeling o.k.,
I know shes waiting there for me.

Forgot its her birthday,
shes angry cause Im very late.
I buy her a drink,
Im chasing colors in her hair.
I wish she was someone,
then I really just dont care.
The name of the song,
Its not the same for every one.

Im neo-retro-styler,
spending sunday with my mother,
I wish I was Steven Tayler...
this is who I am.

Im a little moody sometimes,
act a little funny sometimes,
I wish I was mellow yellow...
this is who I am.

Dads reading the paper,
Mothers seating by the phone,
they look at each other,
wonder when Im coming home.
But Im not in the mood,
spreading sunday fever,
I want to get hi,
and spend the summer in the sky.

Letra añadida por: davi77

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