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Featuring ice cube korn

[unknown] mack you got everything on here except some damn rock'n'roll
[mack 10] shit don't speak too soon

*korn providing guitar intro and background guitars*

I got to know baby
I got to know baby

Intro/chorus: ice cube

Girl do you still wanna be a ho? (huh?)
I got to know baby should i stay or should i go? (what?)
Do you want this nigga in a 6 double o?
I got to know, should i stay or should i go?

Verse one: ice cube

Fuck this condo and with john doe
You a bomb ho, black enchicando
You must think i'm soprano, you better trun the channel
I wanna grab you like a handle
You ill scream "book him dano!", here come the crack commando
Wit his guns and his ammo
Tryin to blow out my candle
I'ma stop fuc*** wit you for your cousin in orlando (fo' sho', fo' sho')

Chorus: ice cube

I got to know, baby, should i stay or should i go?
Will i end up with strike number four?
I got to know, should i stay or should i go?

Verse two: mack 10

Should i stay or should i go take a hit or say "no"? (no)
Shoot the jumpshot, run the rock or sell blow?
Get a whole gallon of loot, do a show
Keep the square bitch or should i bust me a ho?
You got the green light, break grass so i can write
We gonna stock all big heads, i recite hella types (right)
Always mashin like pedals, packin fully heavy metals
To the new school leader with the big rebels
See the shinin sea, westside is the thang (westsiiiide!)
We're down to hoo bang with the ghetto slang
Heads boppin and frownin like it's nasty
The class crackin, hard rockin like the cavi, ask me
I never lie, i keep it to the real
Rollin like a big wheel ever since i had a deal
Mack move the crowd like an automatic uza (brrrrw!)
That three time loser's wreckin lotta polluters
Nigga what? (nigga what?)

Chorus: mack 10

Should i stay or should i go?
Do you wanna see mack 1-0?
I got to know, should i stay or should i go? (bitch what?)

Bridge: ice cube, (mack 10)

You a tease, (fuck a tease)
You a tease, (fuck a tease)
You a tease, (fuck a tease)
You a tease, (fuck a tease)
You a tease, (fuck a tease)
You a tease, (fuck a tease)
You a tease, (fuck a tease)
Bitch please (catch these)
Bitch please (catch these)

Verse three: ice cube, mack 10

You wanna leave, girl, no way
My forte is to flip it like o.j.
You gots ta obey o'shea
Like your ass was an ol fade and nothin but a trophy
Give my nigga mack a 40, maintain orders

Strandin orders, walkin target, stalkin chargers
Walk the hardest, you should move the force
Cos i'ma fight, it's love, i'm right behind ya
Over-protective, you shouldnt've gave it to me (never)
Said it was mine and handed a baby to me
Now i'm on it, like i own it
I better go, ho, before i end up on death row

Mack 10 be the g with the color bandana
I fiend for the mic with a jonez like indiana
Never f*** a broad white as vanna, i like em tanner
Always lookin for pussy, detect a freak like a scanner
I say "beeyatch! my name is mack 1-0
And you the baddest ho at the show in the front row
You give head? if so, i wanna blow
Meet me at the nico in room 3-0-4"
I heard a knock (what?), there's somebody at the do'
Baby came in, sucked me down like a pro
"what else ya wanna do?" i replied "i don't know"
She said "mack 1-0, well should i stay or should i go?" yo


Should i stay or should i go, yo?
*repeat x8*
I'ma go, yo! i'ma go, yo!

Outro: ice cube

I got to know, baby
I got to know, baby
Handle me this chick, get the f*** outta here
Huh, real quick, real quick
Bitch, you crazy, you crazy
I'm gone, i'm gone


Should I Stay Or Should I Go




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