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Show Me Love


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Yeah, check it out, show me love

Promise you won't do me wrong (for sure)
If I turn you on (yeah)
Promise you'll stay all night long (on on)
Making love til dawn

Yo, it's time to bring the day in, fresh out the crib sauteing
Around the way-in, swerve on, surveying
That's when I saw her, the kind you wanna see more of
The sexy aura, it made it hard to ignore her
Expression her possession of property skyrocket
I'm investing in her presence and in time it profits
I take a acre for you, fertilize the soil
And make it boil, til it produce black oil
The shorty sweet as, the flavor of forty divas
Photos and features, worth more than Mona Lisa's
It's lady luscious, tender touches my blood rushes
Smiles and blushes, on billboards and buses
And me, I'm just a bronze skinned calm gentleman
Slim fit and open arms mellow wit a don's grin
Ghetto disciplined, could be your confidant beyond friend
It's one of Allah's men, Rakim, show me love

Promise you won't do me wrong (uh)
If I turn you on (go ahead, uh)
Promise you'll stay all night long (uh, yeah)
Making love til dawn (turn me on love)
Promise you won't do me wrong
If I turn you on (yeah)
Promise you'll stay all night long
So we can get it on (check it out)

I'm in effect mode, I keep the ep sewed
When you express your finesse to your dress code
Every step's a pose, you've been blessed and it shows
My interest grows, the effervesce explodes
Because this chick's, characteristics, mystic
Hips are thick, just a little bit of lipstick
Can't resist it, description Egyptian smile
Queen of the Nile, that means she dipped in style
She re-mind of Nefertiti, yes indeed-y
But it's hard to get it like hieroglyphic graffiti
Studied her exhibits and checked her colorful curves
Intellect with swerves I could of wrecked my nerves
That's my word, digging her enigma that exist
In a sister, carefully wrapped in her figure
We connect like a collision and hug, just to knowledge
Her wisdom, speed up my metabolism, show me love


Your m.o. is hard not to notice, so my motives
Is to stay focused, body moves like aerobics
Attractions, vibes I caught came from your ways
And actions but mind frame hard to explain
No acting or mind games, but thinking of what can happen
Is migraines, the x-rated though remains
We relaxing, and you nagging me for the agony
To your anatomy, by the fractions
Your measurements, the pleasure's in every inch of your temple
I travel twenty-three million miles of your mental
Chemistry, between you and me, in harmony
Causing angles to meet, like trigonometry
Or pyramids, that's where your deepest, treasures are hid
Then it gets, odoriferous, cause I know where it is
I mastered that, cause it's easy when you react
The all-natural aphrodisiac, show me love

[Chorus: x2]

Promise you won't do me wrong
If I turn you on
Promise you'll stay all night long
Making love til dawn...

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