Human sacrifice - Jade

Human sacrifice


Letra, canción


'Human sacrifice'

Verse 1

Do you still remember when you promised me the perfect love
And I gave you everything and still you said it wasn't enough
When you hit me verbally put me on my knees and blamed it on me
And I swallowed it down

I let you break my wings chose to become your caged up bird
Ate your bullshit promises and cherished every fuc*** word
Now like a freedom phoenix rising from the burning sun
Here's my vindication

Alright, Ok
Gonna get a taste of my heartbreak right now today
I'm gonna make you regret all your dirty ways
Alright, Ok
Your gonna get a taste of my heartbreak right now today
I'm gonna make you become my human sacrifice

Verse 2

Let's go back into the time you stained my heart like merlot wine
Didn't care if I was sick you left me alone to cry and die
Your human sacrifice alone in your church of love and lies
I did not forget
I'm back with ammunition on a mission that will make you pay
Back with a bazooka and a bullet where I wrote your name
Risen up from the ashes ready for my justice day
Here I come for you

repeat chorus

repeat verse 1

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