Arrogant Sons Of Bitches

Letra de la canción

I sucked it up. I said "I'm ok".
Then I went with Chris Valentino to Subway.
I walked in and the guy said "Hey, who's that eight year old girl you walked in here with last week."
I said "That's my ex-girlfriend."
He said "Is she free?"
I said "What the f*** you think? Now give me something to drink,
I'm about to pass out cryin' and I need something to eat."
He said he thought that I could do better.
So I'm walking down to CVS with Chris and he says "Jeff, don't turn around"
So I do, and what do I see? The mouth of my ex that his tongue was down.
Maybe I should have lied to him and said she found another guy.
A strong athletic type who had cute and adorable eyes.
But no, Mr. Fuckingjackass had to tell the truth.
Now I deal with him and her around me everyday, there goes serenity in my youth.
Your love don't mean shit to some guy who sweeps the floors.
Figure I'd go to pizza everyday, and I'd be alright, then I heard what he did last night.
He delivered his six inch to her said that she was mad fuc*** tight.
Can't believe this happened to me, like when I got dumped by Meg Dockery
except my man Chris has been replaced with a dirty motherfuc*** with a scar on his face.
Suicidal thoughts run through my brain all day, I'd never go through with it.
I have nothing to do with it. Like a gambler betting on a losing horse for weeks.
Maybe the percentage of my profit margin slightly would increase
if I'd figure out a way to get you back.
My love don't mean shit to some bitch who is a whore.
He sells you fresh heroes for $1.44.
My love don't mean shit to some bitch who is a whore.
I'm sick of your shit and I can't take it anymore.
I haven't had a peaceful night of sleep for weeks.
Nighty night turn out the light. Take the socks of my feet.
Put on my shoes, went to your house. You'd choose. Nothing to lose.
Went to your car. The windows were steamed.
Went back to my house hoping it was all a dream.

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

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