Letra de la canción

Damned kingdom of fertility and creation - darkned destiny
yet strengthened with the power of gods - underworld awaits
hunger lord of pestilence and flies - infiltrator of plague
defy the raging of gods - ravager of earth
mundane spirits rejoice - at night wings
when the soil drains pouring blood
when the ashes of dead arise
spill thy blood for the master

defecation on the cross of salvation - assault the altar
immense halo of flies - enchanting pest
slowly crossing the plane - blind rapture
spilling the seed of plague - hatred consecration
ascending smoke of putrid stench
unleash the pestilence wrath
worms erupt from Christ infection
entire creation perish bellow
unleash terror as cruelty descends

grotesque lord the emperor
to thee each wound bleeds back
nihilistic entiry smash the harmony

gruesome lord of the emperor
pestilent seed of decay
defecate on the raped pray
crush the ones who defy

manifest of decayed stench
as the confined undead awake
unleash the pestilent wrath
for the hunger lord of flies
harvester of savior's head
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: silene696

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