Letra de la canción

Everybody's got something
They can give everyday
Make a litle bit better
Help somebody find the way
This old life keeps rollin
Surrely does everyday
Make a little bit better
Help somebody find the way
Gotta light the way
On the way home back
Light the way
On the way home back
Light the way
On the way home back

Everyone's got something to say
Lookin'on to a better day
We forget there's a price to pay
Got to give to give it away
Say help me
Help me oh my lord
Standin'cold in the pouring rain
Trials of life are never vain
Don't let the call be put to shame
Gotta serve if you want the same
Say send me
Send me right now
Heaven is watchin'
See what we will do
Everything that you turn around
Gonna come right back to you
I've got this notion that we could do more
Take that ol' devil now
Throw him down on the killin'floor
We should be walkin the miracle mile
Anyone that we deny
We deny the lord on high

My savior lord walked the earth
Talked about a second birth
Spilled his blood out on the ground
Gave his life without a sound
Said not mine but your will be done

Letra añadida por: CoRcHo (#1.296)

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