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For my father for my kingdoom
I will make the promise
give your life!
I gave my blood
for the salvation of my shire

I will ride against the wind
that throws the huge trees out of the earth
no one now can stop my hate
that grows as this damnation

Last one of the prince
don't stop your vengance
get up your standard
of your fury and hate

I will ride strong to my destiny
only with my sword and shield
freedom to this place!
I will break this hell and I'll end with
(the) dead kings of the unholy valley

I have arrived at the place
where the four graves lie down under the ground
the fog covers the forest
of dry trees, skeletons with no life
the atmosphere fills me with a freezing cold
blue blood rivers will take me
to the eternity or victory

I'm at the four portals
gates of my condemned
my decision will be your hangman
Dacrol king of the shadow
take my great avenge
I am your host in your tomb full of pain

Ilgard: Show me your power
lets meet our steels
lets see who will die first
stop my victory if you dare

Dacrol: I'm Dacrol king of the shadow
nobody is able to challenge me
I'll take your life
I'll lock your soul in this portal of sorrow

Ilgard: I see your power
king of the shadow
I'll take you for the light
for my kingdom you will pay

Dacrol: You mortal pathetic human being
how do you dare
to speak with such voice
your nasty voice
will be scream of agony

I fight with fury in the portal of sorrow
the gate that leads me to the grave beyond

Time passes by and the curse is growing stronger
that feeds my wrath and I'm thirsty for revenge

My father isn't here
"scream the king while Zerlek looks from his portal"
I see the portal
"the king is attacked by Zerlek blood is shed and the king
hold his sword"

Ilgard: This blood I shed
is for my kingdom
all my wounds will soon be healed
but your soul will burn in hell forever!

Zerlek: All he who refuse to follow me
will be crushed like a worm
and you will be slain like a rat

Ilgard: Even I'm weaker
I have my honour
if I die it will be fighting
standing tall, brave and bold

Zerlek: You barely can stand on your feet
I will show you my supremacy
little waste of flesh and blood

The mist hides the recent fight
one of them has given their life
I can hear the agony the king is still alive
he is lying on the floor
wounded in his body and soul
but he enters the third portal

Riding to my destiny
bleeding agony
my blood is making a red trace in the snow
oh father I'm taking you
to the eternal rest
where your soul will be free to fly
free to fly again

"In the sacred place of Darkaria
he gave eternal rest to his father
and found his final destiny
the spell was broken
and the reign of the light was safe again
he will always be remembered as the Eternal Warrior."



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