Six Magics

Letra de la canción

Our cave will have a keeper

Save him, save him

The power of the darkness guides our steps
Under the wickedness of the sorceress
Your son will grow up

My innocent boy
Is part of my entrails
You will never pervert his childhood

Heartrending scream in the night
The wind says he was given birth
And kidnapped by the shadows,
His mother cried bloody tears,
As a bird of prey the wizard holds the child

Keeper of the cave
You will learn to live
Bewitched by wizards
Guardian of the den
Brutal sacrilege
Flesh aberration

New blood has been chosen
To hide our secret
Weeping woman: forget his name
You’ll never recognize him

Mother: My son belongs to me!
Why does he have to pay?
I cannot stand this defeat

She couldn’t forget the eyes of her son,
Her pain ended with her life
Suicide was the answer
Twilight of hope

Heartrending scream in the night
Merciful death, desperate choice
Glory of the pagan spectrums

Invunche: I am the keeper of the cave!
Enclosed in a monstrous body
Fed with human flesh
Three feet, destiny is full of horror
I am the guardian of the cave!

Letra añadida por: Daalpiga (#17.526)

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