Letra de la canción

I listen to the radio,
There's a thing i'd really like to know
If the new song ,baby, that you wrote for me
The dj' ll play it on the mtv

I'm turning on the radio ,
There's a place you'd really like to go
But the door, sweet baby, of my heart, you see
It can't be opened with a simple key

Knock knock knock
On the door of my soul ...

I listen to the radio,
You remind me when i used to love,
When the door was open i could feel the heat
Now you can't do that very easily

Knock knock knock
On the door of my soul ...

Je sais bèbè que ce n’est pas facile
Je t’aime bien, mais je suis si triste
Si tu es doux, sincere, fidèle et romantique
Guèris mon coeur et la flamme se rallumera pour toi

Letra añadida por: CoRcHo (#805)

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