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'Llévame' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Sobrevive.


Look at me,
The one who knows to where it
will come Take Me,
there is no soil already where to fall down

Come Take To Me of pain
That these dark and
I do not hear your voice
Only I want to breathe

Take me,
That one came the world the feet
Take To Me That today already
I do not want to hide

Come take to me of the pain that this dark and
I do not hear your voice only
I want to breathe only that
the night is going to kill me
give me a kiss something
that makes me to the end
return and cry in your arms to the end
that even exists time to escape

Come take me of the pain come,
take me of the pain take me
, take me,
take me come take me }