Nightmare Of You

In The Bathroom Is Where I Want You - Letra

Nightmare Of You

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'In The Bathroom Is Where I Want You' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Nightmare of You.


Break it out, just break it out
Don't hesitate the dilate
What is your name? What do you do?
I'm not that kind of man
But I'll make an exception for you

We're flexed and pressed for time alone
Don't stall in the stall
I want to do a little, I want to do it all
But now wait, I'm a gentleman-in-training
Wait, wait, I'm a professional in feigning

Voluptuous and finely cut
What will it take to get you up
and dance with me in wistful heat
In this little club between A and B?

In the bathroom is where I want you
Against the graffiti walls
We know no love at all
And just to see your body in a place so tacky
Well, there's no better irony in my own depravity
Oh, but go slow...

I do want to fall in love
But I just don't know how to...