Letra de la canción

I'm through with you.
Don't care what you say or do.
I'm through with you.
You saw our shirts on mtv.
You say how could this be.
Betrayed you throw yours away.
You throw it all away.

I've had it up to here
And now i just don't care
Don't care what you think of us.
We're sick of you.

Don't support us anymore
Cuz we played warped tour
Say we turned our backs on you

That's not the fuc*** truth
It's more work then you'll ever know
Some say we don't have much to show
There's records, cds and magazines
That's immortality.

What are they thinking
What a scam i believed in that band
How could they play for such kids.

Say i'll play when i want
To who i want f*** you.
Your not the one to tell me
What to do what to do.

We're so sick of you


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