Kt Tunstall


You are the up, my darling, and I am the down
You wear the smile, my darling, and I wear the frown
You are the winner whereas I always lose
You walk all over me because you wear the shoes
You say you're high and I am low
But you're a liar, now I know
You're just a stepping stone that help me on my way
And you can lay down low

Lay down low

You are the right, you know, and I am the wrong
I am the silence while you sing a song
You keep me for yourself while I am alone
You suck the life from me and I am just skin and bone
And now it's time for me to show
That there's an arrow in my bow
You think I'm lost in you but I have found
That you can lay down low

Lay down low

Where skin lies on bones
With the bones so thin
I do so with, I do disguise the things that lie within
Where skin lies on bones
The way the bones are thin

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