Kt Tunstall


You twist my time
And I don’t want you to
‘Cause I was happy at the volume I was at
Before you turn me up
And I’m oh so loud
That I’m deafening myself
Above the buzzing of the crowd

You are so cool
Then my temperature must be a little bit chilly
‘Cause you melt me every time
And I look your way
And you send me rocketing high
Because you don’t know notice my eyes

And I’m armoured with nothing
but the space between you and I
I’m enamoured by you........by you

Last night in slumber
I met you walking upon some astroplane circumstance
And your breath upon my back convinced me that
I would pay to play again


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  • Kt Tunstall no está entre los 500 artistas más apoyados y visitados de esta semana, su mejor puesto ha sido el 319º en octubre de 2010.

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