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I'm not twenty Letra



'I'm not twenty'

looking for paradise
is always on my mind
morning light shining right
sing me a lullaby
oh! baby come to me
bring back simplicity
i'm here, you see!
so why hang on to me?
just write me poetry
if you're ok do key!
get up and start to smile, guy
do it for me
wake up, i'll come around man
let's do boogie, boogie

it's not even a game
get over your pain
i'm not twenty
not even ashamed
could we celebrate?
cause' i'm not twenty
and life goes on and on
i go as i come
melodie the vie
i fly all alone
a light little stone
you get old at twenty
and i want to be free!

oh! Baby, baby mine
you're always on my mind
having fun is just fine
your love, i shall deny
falling for me, indeed
is diving in someone's need
love is too strong!
i've fallen into me
and freedom's ecstasy!
you can never go wrong!

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