Human Drama

Letra de la canción

I'm slipping back into my shell
Never thought about it either way
It should be gone by now
But I guess it never left

Like a novel whose last page I read first
I'm somewhere in the middle now
Denying how
It all turns out

March on
All you poor souls
March on
All you scared sinners
March on
I walk beside you

Oh the days they pass so slowly now
When you've seen the sum of their worth
I remember when
They moved too fast for me

On the reins, my hands would stay
Now I have just let them go
Yet still
They are still

March on...

It's true I walk beside you now
Tomorrow's fear keeps love from hands
I've written of chains hoping it would
Break me free
But it didn't, it will be no different this time

March on...

We reap what we sow
But look at what we've been given
It's truly impossible
To build from nothing at all

Letra añadida por: Von carstein

Human Drama
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