Sergio Mendes

Letra de la canción

From the corners of the world they come
The bravest and the best
To write the names that used to be
To face the final test

And they gather as they've always done
With a purpose and a name
To give the souls and lives to
The challenge of the game

Olympia! Olympia!
Light the flame and let it burn
Olympia! Olympia!
You will teach and we will learn
We will learn

Lyrics courtesy Top40db.

In your name
We have come to honor courage
For the glory of the flame
We will learn
If we can
The triumph of the spirit
Is the ????????

They have traveled lonely roads of pain
For the moment yet to be
Only in the journey each will find
Their own humanity

And they reach out to each other
To make us all aware
That we celebrate our brotherhood
In the troubles that we share


And the truth of what you stand for
Will endure when we are gone
Just as long we will dare to be
Whoever we are, whatever we are
Oh, you'll live on, you'll live on!

[repeat CHORUS]

Olympia! Olympia!
Celebrate our brotherhood

fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#11)

Sergio Mendes
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