Saint Vitus

Shadow Of A Skeleton - Letra

Saint Vitus

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By the moonlight

I arise
To set you in my sights

You can't touch me

Don't even try

For I'm the ruler of the night

Like night-shadows
I can't be seen
So I can infect your dreams

Grisly settings
Are my home

Feel the fear in your bones

I'm walking as a skeleton

You're in my way

I'll take your precious mind; and

Turn it to clay

Out in the shadows

You'll run into me
I am inside thee
Just like a velvet chill

Call me fear, call me terror

The name it matters not

Once I work my way inside you

I am all you've got

Bring me happiness
I'll give you pain

And leave your fuckin' body drained
You're the one who

Asked for this
Next time think before you wish

After nightfall

I'll be there

To take your mind into my lair

Are you dreaming?

No this is real!
Self-made agony, you feel