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Spike(o cachorro):
Don't go and be fooled
by those fancy pants
it's just her feline arrogance
flaunting her collars with tinkly bells
she thinks her litter box don't smell!
"Who cut the cheese?
you want to re-examine your diet?"
-Big bad cat(uma leoparda):
Can the old canine philosophies
why dont you just go
and tend to your fleas?
don't push me, mutt
i'm not in the mood
you're ane swipe away
from becoming cat food
Don't go and de fooled
by this crazy cat
-A leoparda:
Don't go and listen
to his crazy facts
Not gonna tell twice
you'd better watch you back
Don't go and be fooled
the big bad cat's
a fur-ball-hacking
rodent-snacking act!
"you're a pussycat!
you think you're tough?"
-A leoparda:
I tell you, Spike, to call my blufe
"A very acary puddy tat!"
-A leoparda:
You're one swipe away
from becoming toast
"get my doggy bad,
i'm about to catch a anack"
"we could settle this right here,
mano a mano, doggo a catto!"
Not gonna tell you twice
you'd better watch your back
Big bad cat
big bad cat
big bad cat
big bad cat

Letra añadida por: pelukin (#16.127)

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