Stranger in Us All - Ariel

Ariel Letra



Ariel (Letra/Lyrics)

I search for her in the dead of night
A silhouette lit by candle light
In a whispered word she is gone
Familiar stranger without a name
In a darkened room they all look the same
Like the sand of time she slips away so far away
In the mirror you can see her face
An angel dressed in the blackest lace
A sip of wine and the game can begin
Just an image lost in fantasy
Then you touch her and you can't break free
Till you see your fate written there in her eyes
Oh Ariel,
Lost in a distant dream, take me home

Datos de esta canción

ARIEL es una canción de Rainbow del año 1995, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Stranger in Us All. Agradecemos a pAuLiTa444 por haber sudido la letra de Ariel.