Angel's Song - Ayumi Hamasaki

Angel's Song en inglés

Ayumi Hamasaki


Angel's Song (en inglés)

Escaping into nights, I told myself
That I was not at all alone
But after all, it revealed
Nothing but my loneliness day by day

On my way home from the bustle of the city
Though it was no different from any other day
I thought I would repeat such pattern of life
And tears welled up suddenly

Feeling weak and wretched
Uneasy and lonely
I wanted some warmth
In a faint voice

*But it's certain you appeared suddenly
And a ray of light shone in my darkness
You smiled a little, told me it was all right with a nod
Took my hand and started to walk

I saw an angel's wings on your back

It was not because I wanted to be dull to pain
That I wished to be strong

I was helped and supported by you
We gave and forgave each other
I got what I wanted to protect
On that day

**Sometimes you are too unprotected
And come face to face with me with all your might
It's so much dazzling
That I even spare the time of a blink

You have an angel's wings on your back

* (repeat)

** (repeat)

You have an angel's wings on your back

I heartily hope that you will not be
A victim of this sad age
I sing this song today just as I pray
So that my dearest wish may reach you

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