Nuno Bettencourt

Letra de la canción

Quick stop gotta purchase more supplies
I'm looking to myself to vitalize
I'm drinking only fossil fuel
Saturn daily paper gave it rave reviews
Countdown well I guess I gots to go
Countdown to the engines final blow
Light speed I am catch me if you can
I'm your spaceman

Essential vitamins are just a tease
Nutritional superiority
I got me something more
120 over 60 is a total bore
Stop standing in the way of what you need
Sometimes you gotta cut yourself to feel
What's real earth can be so bland
Blast out while you can

Wasted wasted spaceman
Lost in orbit

Resolve our differences peacefully
The billion people of india would agree
They're really packin' stan
Better take the challenge this is sacred land
A toast for the winner of the game
Iodine 131 champagne
AM FM tune in if you can
I'm your spaceman

Downslope can't cope the loss of hope
Went out and bought a giant telescope
I see the craters on the moon
Why can't I see heaven
Can't I see the truth hey
One day the pendulum will swing
This planet loses faith in everything
Boom boom out go the lights I'll be off in flight

Wasted wasted spaceman
Lost in orbit

In my spaceship that I adore
I will endure bad conditions
And once I get through it
I'm not coming back no way

Wasted wasted spaceman
Lost in orbit

Nuno Bettencourt
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