Disco 'Too Dark Park' (1990) al que pertenece la canción 'Spasmolytic'


Skinny Puppy


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Making time in a low rent highrise
No place to go downtown crushing crucifixion
Particles aching harmful descent take a shot and hide
Subway slam dance stale mattress slow throb bloating
Freshly open grave barefoot beggar
Knotted finger turning pages in a book descending
No noise the great trees fall

Calmly through the window see backward elevation
Faded spirit of the gold toothed whore
Moon dances wondering how could this ever be
Kicking the habit possession in the flesh
Loves made-up melancholy kicking the habit
Trip back and unleash all anger emerging from the waterfall

Fork horse rear snorted downward
A vulgar desire playing cards conjured on fly blown
Dimly lit round a room of shadows claw the side
Phantom pinches waking from a dream half eaten candy
From some disordered heaven swirling tastes fornicate
Rotted meat a nested virus feels eating dish aging

She sits alone in the worry she's created more time
Holy hatred kicking the habit

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