[music: daniel mongrain]
[lyrics: francois mongrain]
"how low can you go in order to elevate yourself?
judge and you will be judged."
Who are you to judge me ?
you're worse than i could ever be
who are you to condemn me ?
- farther than your eyes, you can't see
Behold the hammer of corruption
mischief and treachery
behold the unfair struggle
- wealth always saves the loser
How far will you go to crush all the ants?
how far will you go to reach the giants?
- i won't cross this line you once fled
- i won't cross this line you've just stamped
You let your flaws dictate your laws
sentencing is your role corrupted is your soul
no one to blame, you played the game
don't come to claim the souls you stained
Judge me not, as you don't understand my way
- law equals justice, for those who conspired it
judge me not, every word is a shade of grey
- law equals justice and freedom is but a lie
[lead: pier-luc lampron]
[lead: daniel mongrain]
Crying over my faith i will not hate
only in the realms of reverie
- lies the ever seeked verity
Is life a quest for glory where i proclaimed you the king ?
"life must be nice for the usurper..."
- last thoughts of the innocent

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