Spiderman - Veruca Salt


Veruca Salt

Letra, canción



You're so nice, you tie me in a web
and cradle me till dawn.
you're so deadly that i can see your breath
beneath me when you're gone.
you're so windy, i'd like to pon you down
and tack you to my wall
Spiderman, spiderman
Spider sunday, you blaze up from the south
with oil on your hands
i'm streaked in grease and grime and idle mouths
Spiderman, spiderman, spiderman
I can't take more of that
i can't take more of the
i can't take more of that
i can't take mroe of that
whoa, ho-oh whoa oh-ho whoa, ho-oh, whoa, ho-oh
whoa, ho-oh whoa, oh-ho whoa, ho-oh whoa, ho-oh
Tiny truckstop, you lay me in a towel
and savor me like a lamb
you smell of corduroy and lemon drops
and reds pulled from a can
i dream in black and white
i long forgot, exactly, who i am, i am
A spiderman, spiderman, spiderman