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Letra de la canción

Your time will come my mama said
Child it's gonna hit you like a ton of bricks
Until you find your sugar son
Your little heart is bound to take a few licks
Well, well, well, now wouldn't you know
Sho' nuff my mama
She liked ta, liked ta tell me true
You see my life has been a sweet inspiration girl
Ever since the day that I met you

Good God, you give me sugar first thing in the morning
Got to have my sugar every night
A spoonful of sugar in the afternoon
From my baby well it makes everything alright

You are my soul companion girl
You are my love and you're my best friend
We know all of each others dirty little secrets
And with you I never have to pretend no i don't
Well don't you know that this feeling grows Stronger each day
I swear I'll love you till the end of time
'Cause I knew from the moment I saw you girl
You're the sugar mama told me I'd find

Repeat chorus

Sugar I just want to
Spend all of my time with you
There ain't nuthin' in this world
That I would rather do
Well I have waited such a long time
Now I have found a love
And every night get on my knees
And thank the stars above

Repeat chorus twice
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Roxx Gang
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