Naio Ssaion

Can't You Hear Letra

Naio Ssaion


Can't You Hear (Letra/Lyrics)

No more no more disregard
this time I’ll do it right
You have to just have to
face the pain
Inside your broken mind

And where is the
crossroads where we meet
I see only darkness
I’m trying to find the reason why
You don’t want to try

what I have to say
you didn’t want to see
we were fading
now find the dignity
and have some faith in me faith in me

Secrets will no longer have
A hold of you and me
Don’t you know if you
It won’t just disappear
Don’t you remember

You told me how life can be so beautiful
But nothing is happening
I’m still waiting waiting
Is it a sign

now I'm standing here
all alone
I can see the way you hurt me
times before
but I’ve had enough
had enough of your games
I can make it on my own.

But still I wish
That we could just be like before
But nothing is happening
I’m still waiting waiting
We could have been fine

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