Letra de la canción

Journey's end
Quest is over
Moving toward
The door
Basis of
Fire, water, earth and the air
Natural violence
Binding the soul
Of a hero
Spirit of god
Heaven sent
To seek the powers created
Through almighty thoughts

Scanning the circle
That beholds souls
Trapped back in there
Soon ready to come
Brave new world
We'll be united
All metallic minds
Be as one
All of the burdens I've survived
Metalium strength comes alive

Stand together
Strong forever
We will never fall

(Goddess of the fire & goddess of the water)

We will never fall

I am the hero you trust

(All goddesses and gods)
Welcoming the savior to us

Stand together
Strong forever
We will never fall

Finally my fate is sealed

(All goddesses and gods)
Metalians triumph revealed

Now we are one!

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