Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass You Sonofabitch


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My father told me "son, it's futile to resist,
you can topple ideology but not the armies they enlist."
i questioned the intentions of the boy scouts chanting war.
"well that's the sound of freedom, son" he said.
(free to say no more.)
but wait a minute dad, did you actually say freedom?
well, if you're dumb enough to vote,
you're fuc*** dumb enough to believe him.
cuz if this country is so goddam free,
then i can burn your fuc*** flag wherever i damn well please.
i carried their anthem, convinces it was mine.
rhymeless, unreasoned conjecture kept me in line.
but then i stood back and wondered what the f*** had they done to me.
made accomplice to all that i'd promised i would never fuc*** be.
never be.
you carry their anthem convinces that it's yours.
invitation to honor. invitation to war.
bette midler now assumes sainthood.
romanticize murder for moral.
tie a yellow ribbon round the oak tree my friend,
and "gee wally, that's swell!"
fuck the troops to hell!


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