Phobia - You fight me

You fight me Letra

Breaking Benjamin


You fight me (Letra/Lyrics)

You fight me, flat on my lonely face I fell.
Finding in the end, all is well. In light of the life that
I have found, it's coming down.
I know it isn't real, but it's easy to beat me.
Life is sink or swim.
Love is blinding, no surviving.
I don't know what a world to be at.
I can show that I need to see this.
No time for lies and empty fights.
I'm on your side.

Can we live a life of peace and happiness?

I don't think so.

Looking, I am scared to lose the things I love.

I'm in control.

This is how, this is how it's going to end.

Everyone is waiting here for everyone. Leave me alone.

This is how, this is how it's going to end

Datos de esta canción

YOU FIGHT ME es una canción de Breaking Benjamin que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Phobia. Agradecemos a bbnjamin por haber sudido la letra de You fight me.