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Lil' Wayne
Lil' Wayne
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I've been through it all,
the fails, the falls.
I'm like niagra
but I got right back up like Viagra.
I am agriculture.
Swagger so mean, it might insult you.
Ha, I'm like an ultra vulture.
I f*** around and catapult ya.
Torch ya, thought ya
parents taught ya.
You guys is chocha, I'm gone.
Buenos Noches.
Flow, scorch ya.
And I don't even write.
No, author.
So, harder.
So, smarter.
All about a dollar,
like 4, quarters.
Oh, father.
Will tonight be my last?
And if so, make sure my kids see my cash,
and I know, I'm silent like an elbow cast.
And my future will be better than my past. Weezy!

You could love me or hate me,
I swear it won't make me or break me.
I'm goin where ever the money take me,
until they funeral and wake me, and don't wake me.
Cause I'm sleepin', I'm dreamin',
I know that there's a better way cause I've seen it, lord,
but this faster money is so convenient.
And I need it, say I need it.

I spit movies like a VCR.
I spit rounds like the Tiki bar.
And if I got beef, I'm the meat cleav-AR.
And I are, the illest n****r Martin Luther King died for,
and I write for.
Holly Grove one seven Eagle street,
and I'm higher than the eagle's feet,
but I believe in me.
Apple is the car street.
I am just an offspring.
Born in the ghetto, that's why I can't let go.
One call will have my dawgs on ya like an echo.
Baby, I am the real deal, no pickle.
Spit sickle-cell psycho.
I go, off like a mutha-f***** rifle.
And I'm from the underground baby like a pipe mole.
And I will stand tall like light poles until the light blows.

You could love me or hate me,
I swear it won't make me or break me.
I'm goin where ever the money take me,
until they funeral and wake me, and don't wake me.
Cause I'm sleepin', I'm dreamin',
See I'm just hustlin', livin what I believe in dawg,
and it's a problem when our homies not eatin',
And I'm greedy, I'm greedy.

Share my blood, feed my family,
my flow will have to plead insanity.
So sick, I need grey's anatomy.
Acid, like a bust-open battery.
I'm cool like LA nights,
I'm tight like balet tights.
Ay Juelz, I swear the other day I pissed Crystal.
These bitches tryna kick it like Jun Tao.
I gotta watch my head in a battle,
I'm just tryna stay ahead of my shadow.
And I'm floatin like a boat and a paddle.
Alligators and rattlesnakes,
but I promised I would take a n****r off like a Saturday.
Got money to validate.
I'm icy like carrot cake.
Different color diamonds make me look like a salad plate.
I'm straight out the alley way,
it's the n****r you daddy hate.
Weezy F baby, great!

I know they love me, they hate me,
But I'm a G, it won't make me or break me.
And you could find me where ever the money place me,
until you ridin' to the late me, and don't wake me.
Cause I'm sleepin', I'm dreamin',
And me and my lord got an agreement, y'all.
And so I thank him every day for my acheivements.
And I'm Weezy, I'm Weezy



Lil' Wayne

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