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“Music is about elevation, it’s about optimism, it’s about changing the world,” says lead singer and front man Jonathan Jackson of his band, Enation. “Rock and Roll is meant to challenge and inspire, like the great bands like U2 and Bruce Springsteen do...but they rip your heart out with a smile.”

Brothers Jonathan and Richard Lee Jackson had been playing music together for years, but it wasn’t until they started playing with their good friends Daniel Sweatt (Bass) and Michael Galeotti (Keys & Piano) that Enation was formed. “We started playing together as friends for some gigs and we kept sensing that what was happening between us was something special,” Richard says. “In order for music to be truly powerful, it has to come from a real place. It’s about something bigger than we are. In that vein, our friendships are always first. It started that way and it stays that way.”

Their first record, Identity Theft, was a twelve song rock album that displayed in vivid color why they are a band to be reckoned with. It came back with flying colors from industry insiders and fans as well (see REVIEWS).

Enation’s new album, “Where the Fire Starts” is set to jump off the back of their growing fan base and industry recognition. As Jonathan puts it, “We put our whole lives in these records. We feel like we’re getting ready to take on the world!”

The band has played a number of venues including the famed clubs The Whisky a-go-go, The Viper Room, and The Roxy on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood to sold-out crowds. They also recently performed the half-time show at the Portland Trailblazers NBA game at the Rose Garden in front of 20,000 people with Jonathan also performing the National Anthem. Enation has a growing world-wide audience. Dedicated fans have traveled across the US, even across continents to see them play.

Jonathan Jackson and Richard Lee Jackson have also been two of the most respected, well known young actors in Hollywood for the last 13 years. Their film and television careers have given them the opportunity to work in lead roles along side some of the biggest names in the business, including Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jim Caviezel, Calista Flockhart, and Sir Ben Kingsley, among many others. They have been featured in worldwide syndicated magazines such as People, Teen People, Movieline, TV Guide, and Newsweek. Enation has been holding hands with the film community since it’s inception, as the bands first single, Ride from Identity Theft was the theme song to the Stephen King thriller Riding the Bullet (which stars Jonathan Jackson; now out on DVD) and had a feature article on MTV.com.

With Where the Fire Starts ready to be heard, a national media blitz on the horizon, and their explosive live shows, Enation is set for the launch pad. The dedication and hard work that it’s taken to get here is about to pay off.

"If we don’t have fun, then why do this?" Jonathan says. "We're in this for the long haul. It doesn't matter how fast things grow. We're committed to making music that's relevant and powerful, music that inspires and even changes people’s lives. We want it to change ours."

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