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CREADOR : Sony Compuer Entreteanimient ,Sucker Punch

Sly 2: Band of Thieves is a PlayStation 2 video game by Sucker Punch and SCEA released in 2004. This title is a sequel to the game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus and part of the Sly Cooper video game series.

The sequel has a variety of changes, particularly in level design, in which the ultimate goal, a "vault," occurs not per level, but per "world". Also, it takes more than one hit to kill both Sly and the opponent. Other changes include the ability to control not only Sly, but also Bentley and Murray, who are given more skills as compensation, able to do much more than their more limited persons in the previous game. However, Sly remains the central focus and character despite these changes to character roles. Finally, new skills can be bought at a 'safehouse', as well as being unlocked by opening safes hidden in each world.

Music for the game was done by Peter McConnell.

Dimitri — A nightclub owner iguana from Paris who specializes in forgery of paintings. He was a young artist working to create his own visionary style, however, his rejection caused him to go insane and forge famous French paintings (one of them is the Mona Lisa)
Rajan — A power-hungry tiger from India. He runs an illegal spice operation. He started his life of crime as a boy, who grew up poor on the streets of India. After gaining a fortune through crime, he bought a palace to get attention to be "Lord Of The Hills" in order to make people believe he came from royalty.
The Contessa — An expert hypnotist spider. She's a criminal psychologist for Interpol in Prague. At first, it is not known that she is a secret member of the KLAWW gang, but Bentley discovers it by spying on the Contessa in Episode 4. She uses her expertise as a hypnotist to pry into the minds of criminals and find out where they have hidden what they've stolen, and she then takes it for herself. She married a General after graduating a School of Detectives but became a widow due to the General's poor health. She then made a prison gaining a place in Interpol. But she was arrested for attacking a cop (Carmelita) and kidnapping.
Jean Bison — A bison from 19th Century Canada. He owns most of the trains and mines in Canada, and is the transporter for the gang. Returned after being frozen alive during the California Gold Rush. According to the credits, Jean retired from the Klaww Gang and became an Arctic Lifeguard, but became frozen in the same pose rescuing a group of penguins.
Arpeggio — A genius parrot. He's the inventor, mechanical expert, and leader of the gang, who is very sensitive of his inability to fly. He was killed by Neyla (now Clock-La) before he can even enter the Clockwerk body and gain the ability to fly.

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