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Monica Sanz was born in Madrid (Spain) the 26th March 1985, she always had very clear that her future was in the show business. When she was two years old her mother was looking for her in a restaurant where they were having dinner and she found her dancing on the stage.

She claims that Monica was a quiet and a sleepyhead until that moment, when she decided to never sleep more than five hours because “it was a waste of time” ,for her parents’ misfortune.

A few months later, her mother’s friend kidnapped her and carried her to a casting. Then, she started her career with a photo shooting for a catalogue for girls’ clothes, but she confesses she can’t remember anything of this.

When she was six she won her first beauty contest, although according to her, what made her feel very excited was painting her lips for the very first time…with permission.

At this age she discovered in her father’s CD’s “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, and here started her admiration for the “King of Pop”. At the same time she decided to work in the show business someday.

The same year she started her ballet’s lessons, she participated in plays, musicals and when she was seven she made her debut as a model on TV with a spot about a famous doll.

She explains that for her “working at this age, apart from making her mature very fast, it was a liberation. The school was always a nightmare. I felt locked there. I knew what I wanted, I had very clear ideas and that wasn’t for me. I missed so many lessons that I never had my work up to date. The only thing good I got there was my best friend since then.”

Her true learning has been in hotel rooms. She claims that no matter the luxury of the hotel because the moments of loneliness are very hard and have allowed her to know and take care of herself since she was little. That same frustration made her starting to write songs at this age.

The rest of her childhood was ballet lessons, singing lessons, castings, her first works and practicing some sports like basket or rhythmic gymnastics.

She got into the fashion world accidentally. When she was twelve she suffered an important injury while she was dancing and she had to give up dancing for some time.

For two years she kept on taking singing lessons and recovering herself of two metartasians bones broken on her left food believing that her chance to come back to dance didn’t exist.

At that time Matt Sheffield found her walking with her first spike heels in the hospital: “They were my parents’ present after two years without putting the foot on the floor. I was very excited and I didn’t want to take them off. It was a stroke of luck or the destiny. I wore them for the first time in the exactly moment and place.”

She made a “book” and sent her to try her luck to a casting. The result of that first contact with the spotlights was published in a report about a good reserve of new models for Marie Claire magazine (and they were right).

She finished the year 1999 in a catwalk in Barcelona and some months later, after a drastic change of image, she offered her face for the cosmetic brand Schwarzkov, and then others as L’Oreal Paris, Spejo’s o Marco Aldany. She kept on doing some productions for some fashion magazines.

She never gave up her ballet and singing education, and she started to dance contemporary dancing, but she wanted more although her face, too aggressive and too defiant for the market, limited her work.

She prepared herself for a great change: Thanks to Glorya Farr she attended to protocol, make up, style, catwalk, photographic expression and dramatic art lessons. She changed her school for keeping on studying without attending lessons and she packed her suitcases.

From 2000 to 2005 her life was between France where she usually lived, Italy and Germany. Some of her productions reach Japan and the USA. Her experience in the international fashion allowed her to speak English and Spanish, and a bit of German, Italian and Portuguese.

The traffic accident of a man in a huge avenue in Tokyo after keep on watching an image of some models in lingerie (one of them Monica Sanz) while he was driving, helped her to participate in a car commercial with the slogan “Hold on tight to bends”.

She often came back to Spain to finish her studies after receiving lots of prizes as a photographic model.

When she came back to Madrid, her home town, she was already “The Goddess” (because of her feline look and impressive face) and her face was already considered one of the most beautiful, symmetric and photogenic in the world.

She decided to finish her studies to start in the music world. She comments she was always decided to do it because she knew she fought for a very difficult thing and she wanted to be ready for everything: “If the chance of working in music doesn’t come, I will follow it.” Said it and done it, she is a Superior Technician in Audiovisual Production and her own musical producer.

Some months later after finishing university, she decided to put the fashion in a second level and focus herself in her first musical work.

In 2008, her works as a model were better chosen because of her dedication to music. One of these exclusive photo shootings was with the “Celebrities photographer” Victor Cucart who recently told that Monica was her muse and called her “The Goddess” again.

In October of the same year, she broke her left food again after doing a selection exam that she passed.

It’s then when she confirms that she will go into the recorder studio to launch her project. 2010 is the year for her debut album, witch has a big expectation and making her be the first singer with an international fan club even before of a demo!

Her perfectionism, talent and her admiration for Michael Jackson and Angus Young’s guitar made her be called “The Big Jack” related to the “J” in the poker cards, Jackson’s surname and the song of the guitar player of AC/DC.

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