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Alejandro Hernández (born November 28, 1990 in Maracaibo, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan filmmaker, photographer, singer-songwriter, film score composer and comedian. He achieved viral success on YouTube thanks to The Alejandro Hernández Show, an online comedy show that narrates the everyday life of the Venezuelan citizen, specifically aimed at the Facebook generation. Most of the content is in Spanish, although some sketches are recorded in the English language. Since 2009, his videos have reached a total of 5 million views. On January 2011, Hernández signed a one-year contract with PlanetaUrbe Networks. Since then, all of his episodes have been uploaded to PlanetaUrbe's website instead of YouTube. Hernández is currently at number 14 on the most influential Twitter users in Venezuela and is the most followed user in the state of Zulia. He won the Celebrity award at the 2011 Twitter Awards held by El Nacional.

Filmmaking and comedy
Before creating the YouTube channel, Hernández made several short films in both English and Spanish, such as "Conditioned", a comedy/drama about a nerd who criticizes society and stereotypes. After experimenting, he created his YouTube channel.
Hernández is the first Venezuelan YouTuber to succeed, given that the majority of successful YouTube comedians come from the United States. His first episode, "Cita de salir + el @", which talks about "favorite quotations" on Facebook profiles and the use of the At sign, came to him while he was on Facebook and noticed how they were used the wrong way. Hernández said that the episodic content started with "a few short videos about Facebook and grammatical mistakes", but it later became a more elaborated program. The show's appeal is in the way he mixes local customs with pop culture and technology, in which Hernández said "I believe it’s because people identify with the things I say" and that "they are indeed attracted by the program because I’ve always enjoyed giving my show a touch of Hollywood", which is unusual in Venezuelan productions. His 18th episode, "Voz orgasmicangelical, profesores necios y la chama que no se calla la jeta", has been his most successful to date, reaching more than 745,000 views without being part of the YouTube Partner program, which isn't available in Venezuela.

Music and composing
"Tamos Ready", a parody song mocking the Reggaeton genre was released on December 28, 2010 along with episode 20. It showed Hernández's music producing and singing abilities. The 1-minute song became a local hit, reaching more than 18,000 mp3 downloads and positioning both "Alejandro Hernández" and "Tamos Ready" at Twitter's worldwide trending topics.
Hernández generally composes mainstream music, such as "Automatic", a dance/pop song that talks about routine and living life on autopilot. He also composes orchestral film scores which are usually made for specific sketches of his show.


Despite the show's success, it has been criticized by the Venezuelan government. Mario Silva, host of La Hojilla, an opinion program that airs on the government channel Venezolana de Televisión, harshly criticized Hernández, saying that he looked "apparently innocent" and labeled him “dangerous” and a bad influence to the Venezuelan youth. However, he pointed out his "perfect English" and "good editing". He even drew comparisons with another Venezuelan comedian, Luis Chataing, which Silva qualified as "stupid".

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