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Jessica Gordon was born on January 3, 1996 in California/Missisipi his mother is a great artist singer pop/rock, r*b... his father an artist comedian and it has a minor brother and newborn child. From his 5 years I present interez for the music. At his 6 years start to studying in an academy of dance (" Ballerinas of Kings ") and simultaneously he was studying singing in (" Jeremaya Clases's Singing ")His first appearance in a scene went to his 8 years for the ballerina's classes and also those of singing. She was presenting very much talent. At his 9 years I present for a casting in (" The Children Of The Show ") and it was accepted for 1 year, recording only two songs at the time (" Friends Of The Heart ") (" I Do not have Any more Than This ") and 14 country houses of dance. But not everything was lost since at his 11 years it acted in the movie (" Something Is Something ") in that also his mother appeared acting.At his 13 years it extracted his first album to the air with only two songs (" Little Light In My ") and (" I Relayed The Line ") and when successes presented him sugerio to extract his second album (" I Used To Love You ")

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