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Eduardo Waghorn is a Chilean musician, composer and songwriter . His career began back in 1984 when he was 17 and in his first year of law at Valparaiso University. Conducted several radio programs in Valentín Letelier Radio, interviewing other young musicians, and presenting his songs as Valparaiso misty, Tamara, If you stop thinking and Let the thistles be.

He was the opening act for renowned musicians at the time, as Midnight Sun and Hugo Moraga, Rudy Wiedmaier, Eduardo Peralta and Payo Grondona, among other

Out for having the rare blend of quality and quantity: records to his credit over 500 songs, many of which have been described as creations of great beauty and expressive poetry. He has traveled throughout Chile disseminating initiatives trova and Latin American folklore, and has participated in numerous festivals throughout the years. In the 90′s toured several provinces of Argentina, showcasing his melodies.

In 2011 completed a selective collection of his prolific work as a Rag Doll album, described as his masterpiece, a light and dark, light, heavy, simple and complex. Notable singles Sol, If the stars spoke to me and the flagship rag doll named song of the same CD.

Postulated to Viña del Mar Festival 2012 with a full orchestra and pop influence: I’m into everything.
In August 2011 he was invited by the radio of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile to sing his songs in the program national product, and extensive interview recounted part of his career and projects. He has been invited to the known program of Radio University of Chile, “National Socket.”

In September 2011 he was invited by the Library of Valparaiso and the National Historical Museum, to record his songs in a new audiovisual work, to spread his music and at the same time promote the arts and heritage of colonial Chile.

His style has been defined as “a mixture of trova, pop and folk.” His lyrics can be sweet and sour at once. His melodies alternate with great dynamism between simplicity and complexity. Some of his musical influences, as he himself acknowledged, are as diverse as The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, Tom Jobim, Carole King, Silvio Rodriguez, Victor Jara, Sui Generis and Nicola di Bari, among others. / eduardowmusic / eduardowmusic

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