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Sair Pérez was born on June 18, 1994 in the Republic of Panama; Sair Pérez is a Panamanian music producer of reggaeton and reggae in Spanish. While still in high school, Sair Pérez was already thinking about being a producer and his own music, so I've spent part of his youth learning basic musical notions and chose to learn to play the guitar, and then change the guitar for keyboards. Later he began composing and producing his first rhythms. Using several cassettes of domestic players, playing all the tracks that make up the rhythms (mixed with a small synthesizer and Jamaican reggae fragments) and mixed with other recorder tapes, I took several days to get a good result. Sometimes we ask your sisters or their neighbor who will sing to record and assemble vocal tracks to complete the mixes. Some time later he persuaded his mother to buy his first computer with the excuse that it would be for school work in which to obtain better results. Therefore, I still can't stop until I finish it. I have many projects, both national and international, management of Fl Studio software and the time to click with a cdj nexus 2000 or 850 pioneer configuration. I am currently working on producing many songs ...

Edad : 26 Años
Nacionalidad : Panameño
País : Panamá 🇵🇦
Lugar De Nacimiento : Carti Sugudub
Familiares :
Jacob Lombardo Pérez
Ana Belén lombardo Pérez
Iruiler iglesias Pérez
Assiel ascanio Martínez Pérez

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