Oomoh! & L'ame Immortelle

Letra de la canción

On snow covered mountains
My soul lies to sleep
Silent crying inside
My pain is so deep

Counting the days
As time passes by
Thinking of past times
I break down and cry

Life will never be the same again

Counting timeless tears
Which I split for you
You are my obsession
I don't know where you're gone to

I dream a dream of hope
Under moonlight stars
Tortured by reality
Which has left its scars

In a world without feelings
My dreams are all dead
No one beside me
I know where I am at

Embracing the silence
In my loneliness
Trying not to fear
All the things I posses

Letra añadida por: -->( Vampiriic Gothi

Oomoh! & L'ame Immortelle
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