Straight To The Bank

Straight To The Bank

50 Cent


Straight To The Bank Letra


when I'm out in ny boys blunts and phillies
when I'm out in LA boys wraps and swishes

(bridge) x2
now blow walk to this,now crip walk to this
now throw it up raise it up for that gangsta shit

(verse 1)

I'm in my lambo maggot
wit my fo fo fagot
doors lift up im like go go gadget
see the shit I got on
homie I hate too
my teflon on boy my government issued
I hit ur vertiebre bullets rip threw tissue
ya wife on the futon huggin a shitzu
homie you a bitch u got femine ways
heard u got 4 lips and bleed for 7 day
I got four fifs and banannas on the k's
and got more whips then a runaway slave
me and yayo go back like some hightop fades
when I made 50 mil em got paid
when I made 60 mil dre got paid
when I made 80 mil jimmy got paid
I aint even got to rap now life is made
I said I aint even got to rap im filthy mayne

(chorus) [Yayo laughing]
I'm laughin straight to the bank with this
I'm laughin straight to the bank with this

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STRAIGHT TO THE BANK es una canción de 50 Cent que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Curtis. Agradecemos a por haber sudido la letra de Straight To The Bank.

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  • El tema "Straight To The Bank" es el primer sencillo del álbum más personal de 50 Cent, Curtis.

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