Ill make through the rainy days ill be the one who stands in longer than the rest when my landscape changes rearranges ill be stronger than ive ever been no more stillness more sunlight everythings gonna be alright
I knowthat theres gonna be a change better find your way out of your fear if you wanna come with me then thats the way its gotta be im all alone and finally im getting stronger youll come to see just what i can be im getting stronger
Sometimes i feel so down and out like emotion thats been captured in a maze i had my ups and down trials and tribulations i overcome it day by
day feeling good and almost powerful a new me thats what im looking for
I didnt no what i had to do i just knew i was alone people around mr they didnt care so i searched into my soul im not the type of girl who will let them see her cry its not my style ill get by see im gonna do this for me
Reapet chourus until fade

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