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Balla, balla, assolo balla (en inglés)

The light takes you to finish everything
I diminish you know about me
me you that the things approach to you for your magic
anything gave final with you but all don't know each other
there is party in the less prospective heart
already truth where you ended up tonight
to the side it will be everything for you,
we go he/she dances you don't stop
I will use my light that surrounds your hips tonight

It is necessary to be the one that takes the life to their style
but that you see of my?
the things are already different for your routine
already truth where will be everything for the road that we give
people today if that enjoys
accompany in the prepared big party with an exquisite purpose
the things are come the touches but I will hardly
watch over everything like to be the guide
anything but I will be that, your not me truth
the heart will beat smoothly because it is necessary
to enjoy each second
today you retirement the key to what
you must lack but neither it is necessary to be surpassed

It already arrived the day of the freedom for you
and it stops my, alone you unite to my that already
truth what will happen
people support me, your you don't rot to conquer
alone you come yourself and allow
you to take for the music
there is already of everything, but equal
I continue looking for
hip, hands, what your already knows
slowly all make ourselves take for your rhythm,
never rot it to deny
you that everything has already limits
but today there is not line to stop
you that what guides you is of everything
but today will already make ourselves of going by what you want
come you to dance, he/she enjoys, allow you to take,
you don't tell me that you don't want because that is to lie
the things see each other like he/she wanted
that they happened, your these completely astonished one

People of this city lit up with the rhythm to which you move
I am but happy that a little bird,
I want to continue seeing you dance, you don't give birth to
your you will be welcome to my world, already truth
like you will be a queen of the sky
I have found what I have looked for thanks
to that you came yourself it stops here
don't stop to take the steps that we all are with
the dribbles that arrive to the floor

Dos minutes give you the encouragement but he/she
fries that can feel, here without thinking, alone to dance...
one day it doesn't even end up, newly it begins,
the night he/she warms more, more and more
me you that this is newly the beginning but
it is the first thing that you will make.....
each second to my side will never
be the feeling overdraft for the ignoramuses
me you that the doubts can be come without
you realize but I will finish them...

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