Mala Fama

The stupidity that I have made

Mala Fama


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Love that you/they already arrive to take you runs of here
I cannot help you I am in their services
people's quality disappeared forever
there is no longer time we have to run for our life
me not you because this day it has arrived so quick
no longer you that to think neither that to make, the time already flew

Dos simple days together but no longer more we can last
not you because you never told me anything of this
now I will be the accomplice that finishes at the end deceived
the police pursues us there is not for where to escape
I didn't want that it happens, but your you were who this began
I am impacted and above I have to escape next to you

You look I look like each other a fool that
you accent to take for your beauty
anything has as option to leave this, I have to give you
I believe that this is a nightmare but I cannot wake up
not you because this has to happen, I want to go back in the time
it is already a lesson this,
but I want to correct the error but I am not able to

Woman that beauty is looks but you
always use that advantage so yours
I don't want to have this
in my mind him to give birth to this nightmare
God willing has never known you
one doesn't eat it happened, all step so quick that I already
I want to stop one second but your you don't
leave me you say that I am important for you
I no longer believe you anything but with that small hand
that you have I am already lost when seeing it

Not you because I receive so much bad luck, me alone
I want to be happy next to a woman
nobody wants to hear me because
your you are the one that causes so many things malas for my
I want to stop and to give you to the policemen
but it seems that here I am the weak one
it is as that the lists are changed place that
shame that I am happening
you find not to care you what feels at this time so cold

To take rest is something impossible with you,
it is always necessary to be pending of the police
no longer you because I continue being with you,
I am a fool hopefully somebody helps me
anything is clear, my head has become
a black hole that all this very confused one
Always something in my sub one consents me
I help but in this case I didn't pay him attention
it is always necessary to observe the dangers but
I are a blind total that is not guided with what says the heart

I have been humiliated pathetically....

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